Individual Dish Sets

For those who live a life filled with color, their dishes might seem a bit plain. The rule for many modern homemakers is that the food should shine instead of the dish. This has led many people down the path to living with plain sets of dishes, but it can be changed by those who are willing to make their own set. Adding color to the dishes they have might be possible, but starting from scratch could be a fun way to ensure they get exactly what they want.

The craft of pottery is thousands of years old, but some things about it have never changed. The person working the clay starts with a lump, and it must be shaped, dried and fired in a kiln. Adding color is actually an optional step, but those who want decoration with dinner will take it. Their choice of colors will be individual, and the result could be amazing.

There are many fine dish sets on the market today where color has been added, but they are generally manufactured in batches. There is nothing wrong with this idea, but those seeking a truly unique set will want to make their own design. They could use blanks made professionals and just add their own finishes, or they could turn a pottery wheel until they learn to make perfect pieces. The entire process could take more than a year, and it often depends upon how much time they have available to make their set.

For those who choose only the step of adding color, the world of paints and glazes can provide them with millions of combinations. Even if they choose the same colors as the person next to them in the studio, their own patterns could make the set they are working on a unique design. Being able to see it every time they make a meal could give them happiness that will span decades.