Recycling Old Dishes

It is a sad truth that the daily wear and tear on a set of dishes can eventually make it less than useful for the whole family, and it might be time to purchase a new set. It can be an exciting time for those who love to shop, and it might even brighten up the dining room when a new set is put into use. That still leaves a cupboard full of old dishes that are not a full set, but simply tossing them in the trash might seem a bit hasty. For those who want to do something other than contribute to the local landfill, recycling old dishes can be a fun family project.

Cups are often the pieces used the most in a set of dishes, so having less than a full set could be realistic. Recycling what is left can be an exercise in creativity, so starting with a small project can be fun. Tossing a few small rocks into the bottom and filling in the rest with dirt and a small plant is a good way to recycle old cups, and it can be a good way to keep the memories associated with them in the kitchen and handy. Many herbs and spices only require small growing spaces, so this is one good way to recycle.

Plates might take a bit more imagination when it comes to recycling, but there are several different ways to go with them. Keeping the plates whole might be a lovely way to add a garden path, and they can be repainted with bright colours. Checking with a local pottery shop to find out what paints would be best is a good recommendation for safety and longevity of the new paint, and planting them securely in the ground is important.

Smaller dishes and chipped plates could be broken up and turned into a mural by those with an artistic bent. The pieces can be repainted in many different colours, and arranging them can provide a few hours of fun for the entire family. For those without their own kiln or access to one, gluing the individual pieces into a frame with a secure backing can make the entire project one the whole family can enjoy.