Pottery, A Living Art


Coloring Pottery Pieces

Color is an important facet of the beauty of pottery. Rather than using paint, stains are used once the piece has been shaped and gone...


Forms of Pottery Decorations

There are many ways to decorate pottery. For single pieces, the artist usually does this step by hand. They shape the piece and add colors...


Creating a Unique Vase

Learning to throw clay on a pottery wheel is a basic skill every potter needs, and it is generally used to make round objects such...


Recycling Old Dishes

It is a sad truth that the daily wear and tear on a set of dishes can eventually make it less than useful for the...


Individual Dish Sets

For those who live a life filled with color, their dishes might seem a bit plain. The rule for many modern homemakers is that the...


Making and Decorating Pottery

All pottery begins as clay. After the clay has been shaped, it is then fired in a kiln. Depending on the ingredients added to the...

Pottery is any item that is made of clay, and it is how dish sets that are used on a daily basis are manufactured. These dishes are often crafted to be beautiful as well as useful. This is an art form that is made to be enjoyed as well as a collection of items to be used. While a few pieces are produced to sit on shelves as displays, most pottery is not in this category. People buy dishes, pots and bowls for dining, perhaps for special holidays. Whether used for every day or on special occasions, dish sets are useful, living art.